New solutions developed by DBV-Technologies offer hope for a better life for allergy sufferers

Some common food allergies can have a hugely detrimental effect upon our quality of life – some can even be fatal. showcases a few of the solutions that this French company is busy developing, which will hopefully deliver significant benefits to allergy sufferers the world over!

One of the most dangerous food allergies in existence is peanut allergy. It’s estimated that in the United States alone over 100 people die each year from symptoms caused by allergic reactions to peanuts. A further 125,000 emergency room visits in the US result from the mistaken ingestion of peanuts by those allergic to them. More information on what DBV-Technologies is doing in this field can be found in the section dedicated to peanut allergy treatment at

The Viaskin® patch

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DBV-Technologies’ approach revolves around the Viaskin® patch, which you can see in the photograph below. This small adhesive patch delivers allergens to the patient’s skin, thereby gradually ‘tolerizing’ their immune system to the allergen in question. As well as developing patches for peanut allergy, DBV-Technologies is also working on similar patches to treat house dust mite and cows’ milk allergies.